M&A in football is not a new concept, but has received extra attention in recent years through significant acquisitions, often by foreign owners, particularly in the Premier League, as well as big European superpowers including AC Milan, PSG and Wrexham FC!

The M&A process is a complex one and your learning experience will be expertly navigated by Dr. Rob Wilson, Head of Department at Sheffield Business School and a leading sport finance expert. You will hear from many experts in their respective fields about the different stages of the process, the multiple stakeholders involved in these deals, and ultimately how to transform the passion of football into a financial return. It is not an easy journey but we hope by the end of the course you fully understand the process of buying a football club from start to finish. 

M&A course curriculum

24-25 May, 0900 -1300 each day

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    M&A in Football

    • Module 1: Football's market proposition. Theo Ajadi, Deloitte sports business group.

    • Module 2: How do I buy a club? Ben Peppi, JMW Solicitors.

    • Module 3: Choosing the best ownership model. Dan Plumley, Sheffield Hallam University and Leonardo Limatola, strategic advisor.

    • Module 4: The new kid on the block; Exploring Multi-Club Ownership. Kieran Maguire, football finance lecturer, podcast host, and author

    • Module 5: Why can't I do what I want? The impact of football regulations. Niall Couper, Fair Game UK and Harriet Leach, Onside Law

    • Module 6: Who needs to be on my team; the people behind a deal. Alex Beagley, FTI consulting.

    • Module 7: The first 100 days of new ownership. Jordan Gardner, consultant and former chairman of FC Helsingor.

    • Module 8: Applying business sense to an emotional business. How to make money from football. Neil Joyce, CLV Group

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